Principal's Message

I warmly welcome all of you to Rangpur Cadet College, one of the most illustrious and traditional seats of learning in north Bengal in particular and in the country in general. Nestling entirely in a secured and serene atmosphere, some five kilometres to the south of the Rangpur city, this educational institute is continuing its onward march with a series of brilliant successes in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Our today’s Cadets are future leaders and helmsmen who will lead the nation forward. Learners from different areas of the country enter this glorious institute where they get ample scope to get developed harmoniously and obtain a universal identity within limits and go back to serve the nation. The ex-Cadets of this great institute have been serving the nation since 1979 in different capacities both at home and abroad contributing a lot to the nation building and the economy of the country. Our mission is noble and journey is same. Our efforts in this respect will be to add new annals of achievements to the increasing glory of the college in the days ahead.

COL KAZI TAZUL ISLAM, psc, Principal

Tender-Stationary & Messing (Ccr)

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Noc_Passport (Mr. Md. Khairul Habib, Lecturer)

NOC_Passport  (Mr. Md. Khairul Habib, Lecturer) ►   View


Noc (Passport)-Mr. Mokshadul, Assoc. Prof.

NOC (Passport)-Mr. Shah Md. Mokshadul Islam, Associate Professor   View


Noc (Passport)-Ms. Syeda Mafruha Jahan, Asst. Professor

NOC (Passport) of Ms. Syeda Mafruha Jahan, Assistant Professor   View


Tender-Messing (Ccr)

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Tender-Stationary (Ccr)

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Financial Account Payable (Class 7 Admission)

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Online Class-2020


Online class for the cadets becomes inaugurated by the Principal of Rangpur Cadet College. View

Wuc Programme

1. Cadet Initsar (Cadet No-2045) becomes nominted for International Baccalaureate Degree with 100% scholarship at UWC (United World Colle...   View

Admission Test-2019

Cadet Ragib (Cadet No-1931) acheives the 1st posiotion in Medical Admission Test.   View

Outstanding Hsc Result-2019

All the fifty three (53) cadets of 40th Intake have got Golden GPA-5.    View